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Emoji Art Studio features:

  • Over 2800 high resolution emoji to choose from.
  • Change the color, opacity, brightness, saturation,  size, scale, position and rotation of all emojis.
  • Unique emoji search function.  Save time finding emojis.  Want the cat emoji?  Just type “cat” in the search box and bingo!
  • Take/import photos and emojibomb your friends.
  • Add text to your artwork with over 130 fonts.
  • Drawing tools.  Bring your emoji artwork to life.
  • Save your images to the photo library or share them with friends and family.
emoji art studio head explode

Here’s a little taster of some of the cool Emoji Art that you can create

Express yourself with Emoji
Emoji Cat Border
Cool Emoji Dog
What have I Created?
Emoji Art
Emoji Party
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